Hop & Skip

Hop & Skip

Hop & Skip PDF Version

The time is here to let all burdens GO,
Release and relinquish, start to flow.
Find yourself float, like on the ocean,
Rolling along in Free Forward Motion.

When all is released and you move on,
You’ll tend to spontaneously burst into song!
And then you’ll dance and skip and play,
Enjoying every single day!!

Once we’ve let go of all excessive stuff,
We find we’re resilliant, very tough!
There is nothing we cannot do
And we keep creating stuff that’s new!!

Remember to continue to love yourself,
This keeps you in perfect health.
Use Love to create every vision,
You’ll be able to complete your unique mission.

So lighten up, yes let all troubles go,
Be so happy, because you know
Life is great, it’s an awesome trip,
It makes us all want to hop and skip!!!!

Hop & Skip

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