Going it Alone ~ NO ONE is My Saviour!

Going it Alone ~ NO ONE is My Saviour!

Going it Alone PDF Version

One day, one place, one thought one dream,
How many opportunities have you seen
Within these moments. but looked away,
It’s time to check them out TODAY!!

Who is the “boss”? ~ Who is in charge?
Is it someone who is very large??
What drives your thoughts? What is your will?
Ponder these questions as you sit very still.

As we contemplate how experiences occur,
Some big realizations tend to stir!
We recognize that alone, we are strong,
And that we each create the journey we are on.

Some friends and peers many encourage me,
To keep moving along, but alone I must see
That there is no other who is here to save
Me or others ~ now I must be brave!!

I continue on, I get into Free Forward Motion!
I brave many experiences over mountain and ocean.
Today in this place, I think and I dream,
And I know I’m as powerful as any sunbeam!!

Going it Alone

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