Who AM I?

Who AM I?

Who AM I  PDF Version

I AM Love, I Am ME, I am on MY path,
I AM full of enthusiasm, sometimes I am daft!!
I Am lively, I am jolly, and I love to have fun,
I am on a new adventure, an important one!!

I see ~ thru the F.E.A.R., I know it is not real.
I know that it’s something that I only feel
When I allow it, but Love’s the way to go,
Using Love instead of fear helps me stay in flow.

I’m a traveler, a sojourner, thru this time and space.
I take my time to observe, I know it’s not a race!
Each day I know that I create that which I focus on,
I feel it happening within, as I dance and sing my song!

Life is good, I make it mine, I love to skip and play,
I interact with my friends, some new ones every day!
I love my life, I’m in my heart, it is quite the trip!
Creating stuff, moving along, makes me hop and skip!!

Who AM I

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