Our True Potential

Our True Potential

Our True Potential PDF Version

Each day as I wake up, I listen to my heart.
I wonder and ponder, how will today start?
What will I do? What is today’s fun?
All things are possible, this day’s just begun!

As each day goes by, and as I lie in my bed,
I ask my heart, as I lay down my head,
Why am I here? What’s with this human adventure?
The answer is – to arrive at my true potential!

SO how do I get there? What can stop me?
Only FEAR and belief stops me being free
To step out and challenge myself with some tasks,
And as I complete them, fewer questions I ask!

You see without FEAR and no limiting belief,
There is no thing to stop me ~ what a relief!!
My heart’s full of knowledge which I act upon,
All of this makes a human so strong!!

Now that I’m awakened to all this wisdom, I know
That there are no limits to what I do, or where I go.
I can be who I AM, and truly love myself,
Reaching my true potential is my ultimate wealth!!

Our True Potential

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