Respect All ~ All Ways

Respect All WaysRespect All ~ All Ways PDF

Respect is something that I do – I have toward others – why is this so important to me in these moments of now?
Treat thy neighbour as you would have him treat you – this is an ancient recognition. As humane beings it is inherent to know that we treat each other with respect. When we do this, there is no harm done to one another. This way, it is simple to live by the one lore for humanity (do no harm). You see, when we love and respect each and every one around us, we can reach inflowment. No one is less. No one is more. Every one just is – is one’s infinite beautiful is-ness, enjoying life here embodied with Earth Mother. We each choose our experiences and enjoy them – all of the activities and creative projects – while we respect everyone else enjoying theirs. How much more simple could it be? We respect each other and when we choose to, we support each other. Stop, feel in your heart. Know who you really ARE!!


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