Divided We Are Less Strong

Divided We Are Less Strong PDF Version

Divided, we are less strong.
Now, we ARE strong, humans are incredibly resilient, and strong all ways. This is why I did not say:
“divided we are weak”!

When UNITED in our uniqueness, with full respect for all others, THEN we are super strong. There is currently an ongoing attempt to divide the “Truthers” or “The Truth Movement”. Such insertions as “The Flat Earth” idea have been thrown into the mix of exposed lies and deception, so as to get us arguing amongst ourselves. With this type of opposing energy zapping around, the flow gets disrupted. The beautiful humaneness is reduced whilst we argue and bicker, throwing insults around, putting others down and losing respect all around.

Why would we do this when we are inherently kind, accepting and graceful toward our fellow humans? Clever tactics by those who are desperately trying to keep us down and limited, that’s why.

I would like to suggest that when one might notice another throwing insults or argumentative words at other humans, one might look deeper into the possible reasons this is happening. Where possible, I feel that we could respectfully point out our observations, and then leave it with them, and let it go. We need not judge, just be aware. There is a lot of AI out there and some influential people in “The Truth Movement” are being targeted and they can start behaving in ways that are not humane. Sometimes it is subtle, but it is not who they truly are. If they are able to become AWARE of this behaviour, see it, hear it, feel it, they are more capable of removing and stopping the imposed programs from the AI, and revert to their own humane selves. We CAN return to being the beautiful humane human Beings that we truly are when we respectfully support each other.  In addition, when we remember who we really are, we are even stronger.  When we connect to our inner, higher, BIG selves and come from the knowing that we are powerful beyond measure, the bickering, arguments and disrespect will soon end.
All Ways.

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