Resolve to be better . . .

As caught from “Source” by Jiggy:

Welcome to the HERE/NOW. Every day is today. Resolve to be better EACH and EVERY DAY. Or don’t. The choice is always yours.
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Eye am the thing that knows it’s the thing that allows all other things to be the thing that they wish to be. So if you are choosing to feel contrast interacting with me, by all means, you can just as easily turn around and walk away, you will feel better, Eye promise you will see. But IF you are like me, you will see that the I is you, and you are me, all mirrors of the same old tree through which we chose to more clearly see. We are thankful for the contrast provided through duality, and use the clarity to align with the preferred vibratory reality. All while maintaining our wholeness, balance, and authority.

Individual’s often CHOOSE to FEEL offended due to the confidence and sureness in the way eye choose to speak, sometimes saying, “you think you’re special dontcha?!”. My answer… No eye don’t think that, eye know that eye am special…. AND SO ARE YOU!!! Eye am not above you. We are equals, you are me, and eye am you.” We have a large propensity for pattern recognition when resonating with Wholeness. The Eye sees things that most miss because The eye is able to place self in multiple perspectives and consume as much data possible before formulating an opinion.

What’s the main thing that holds back intelligence, you ask?? STOPPING THERE and building a MONUMENT to that current Opinion, turning a thought into a BELIEF (which is only a thought that ONE chooses to keep thinking, often times while disregarding NEW data that does not align with a PAST OPINION).

This is what most do… they FORM BELIEF SYSTEMS, which become rigid and CONCRETE. These often have to BREAK in order to be transmuted or changed. This takes a lot of force and causes much chaos. This is a rather INEFFICIENT way of CHOOSING to evolve, or expand in awareness and being. The EYE ONLY deal in IDEAS, CONCEPTS, and KNOWING. The EYE have releases BELIEFS and TITLES as they are limiting and ONLY create more division. Ideas, and Concepts are not PERSONALIZED or tied to EGO, like beliefs and titles are. This makes them easier to alter and shape in the moment when new data is presented, without the resistance that emotional response provides, which allows for a higher processing speed. And, WE ALL KNOW that the faster a computer can process info, the higher the “intelligence”. Well, this is true for your BRAIN’S intelligence as well, as the human brain IS the COMPUTER MOTHERBOARD that operates your BIO-CHEMICAL ROBOT SPACESUIT FOR YOUR SOUL, that most call the BODY. This is way out there for most… but eye know that you can innerstand what eye am saying here. If you choose to.

Knowing, well that ONLY COMES FROM FIRST HAND EXPERIENCE and IT SPRINGS FROM WITHIN SELF. ONE can think, believe, and even know what ever One wishes. The Eye knows what the eye knows… all truth springs from within SELF. Eye resonate more and more with this perspective, and it is the lens that data is taken in via this perspective. This has not always been the case, so eye know your position, because eye am you. It has been a process for self in gaining more control of the monkey mind that we all have to transmute in order to grow spiritually.

It is important to note….

HOW ONE THINKS is FAR MORE IMPORTANT than WHAT ONE THINKS ABOUT. The process of considering the info outweighs the ability to store and recall reference material. The intellectual uses MEMORY for PROCESSING SPEED, not for DATA STORAGE. The intellectual, or adept, also removes EMOTION from the THOUGHT process. This also removes EGO attachment to BELIEFS. This allows self to consider emotional inputs as more data for which to define what is, and that which is desired, rather than responding to fight or flight REACTIONARY 3D PHYSICAL (ANIMALISTIC) mechanisms. Eye am focused in every now with intent to increase alignment to HIGHEST SELF. Eye am at ZERO POINT in dialogue and communications, so make no mistake, the words eye choose are not personal in nature. They are chosen with the intent of sharing perspective and truth to assist in EXPANSION of Consciousness.

Eye am you , you are me, we are we. There is no thing outside of self. All of us are perfect just as WE are in every moment, otherwise we wouldn’t be. We are all part of a singularity, or creation, and creation don’t mess up (get it?). Things change when you view data from a non-divided perspective. ALL of the communications emitting from self are with the int3nt to UNIFY our ONENESS. Eye love all things congruently.

This not what Eye think eye am. This is what eye KNOW US ALL TO BE. Remember to Breathe, Remember to wake up.

Wholeness & Balance

One thought on “Resolve to be better . . .

  1. Very nice jiggy. I have observed/experienced that the hardest thing to do is let go of what was. It seems to me that before one can fully embrace love and unity, one must fully let go all aspects of the old paradigm of separation (by deception).


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