Can One Get To The Point Where One Simply Knows?

Can One Know

Can one get to the point where one simply knows?

There are so many opinions, perspectives, views, tales, ideas and altogether fantastic stories buzzing around in this “The Information Age”.

There is no end to the plethora of videos, radio interviews, calls, talks and blogs with one man’s opinion and another woman’s view on who we are, what we are doing here, where we are going, how the universe is made, who made the universe, whether it is real or a hologram, what shape the earth is, what’s holding it up, how many stars/planets/suns/moons there are, and who is the one that knows the most, and therefore one should listen to.
Wholely Flippin Bazookahs!!
It’s becoming TMI and TMQ at this point!

There are certain subjects that really pique one’s interest, and in these cases, following up with some research can be satisfying. However, when one takes some mighty breaths whilst has ones feet planted on Earth and possibly whilst gazing at Sun, one can move beyond the TMFQ’s and simply be with what is.

Soak in the nourishment and know that one can be if one chooses such. Some of the stories tell of those who can regulate body temperature by choice and nourish one’s body with breath, earth energy, and sunlight.
This one’s inner beingness and knowingness knows this is possible with ones will.
Will one choose one’s power and know the way to enjoy life in body?
Will one choose will over won’t? Can over can’t

One knows. 

Yes, one can know.

TMI = Too Much Information
TMQ = Too Many Questions
TMFQ = Too Many Flippin Question




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