What Is Your Will?

What is your will

What Is Your Will? PDF

Whether one is wide awake, somewhat aware, or solidly snoozing, one has a will. As one here asked before –
“Will one choose will over wont? Can over can’t?”

Those wide awake will likely choose “will and can”

Those somewhat aware just “might”!
And those solidly snoozing likely are stuck in a belief of
“can’t and won’t”!!

 So, where can one’s will take you?
One’s will is unlimited.
That trip you always wanted to take?
That challenge someone put to you?
“I could never do that” (as I replied to one once)


“I can do that if I do what it takes to make it happen”
(and I did!)
That is one’s will.

So . . .

Willing or resistant?

Open or closed?

Enthusiastic or bored?

Bright or dull?

It has become my knowing, from experience, that each one of us has the power to create our experiences and to make things happen by using our will. So again . . . .

Will one choose:

Will over won’t?

over can’t?

Your Choice – All ways!

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