Balancing Feminine and Masculine

Balancing Feminine and Masculine

Balancing Feminine and Masculine PDF

Balancing Feminine and Masculine, and reason/purpose of gender in Humans.

So, here we are having this human experience. The majority of us come in as either female or male, and go out as we came in. There are a few who have physical parts of both genders and have to chose which one to present as. Then, there are those who are feeling that they are in the wrong body and do what it takes to change that body. This concept intrigues me – why?

Note: Yes, I know that I can’t know any of this for sure, but this is the reply I got from my question.

Human is a unique race in this Universe. Having male and female is about contrast – everything on this Earth is about contrast and polarity. When in balance, the male/female connection is harmonic. The mystery to man, that woman is, becomes a challenge to comprehend, and also, the strangeness of man’s ways, to woman, is a mystery and takes tenacity to learn to live with and become balanced with. Once achieved, it is a beautiful thing – something not experienced anywhere else.

One of the main agendas of the controllers is to prevent humanity from finding its full abilities and power, so that they can maintain control, and continue to feed off our energy. The purpose of the recent push from mainstream to accept all types of sexuality and gender preferences is a last ditch attempt to maintain this control.
First, we were asked to accept one gender being attracted to the same gender = homosexuality.
Then, we are asked to accept one gender transitioning to the other = transgenderism.

These (to the rational, kind and loving human) are both acceptable and one need not be concerned. It is part of the human experience.
However, the sly step (and this is the method all ways used – to do things gradually and stealthily so we do not notice how we got to where we are), next is to ask us to accept a transition into a mixed or non gender situation = gender fluid.
This is very dangerous. If allowed, accepted and becomes widespread, it would highly weaken the strength of the human race. The contrast between the genders is vital for strength. Being happy in one or other type body (male or female), displaying certain, yet balanced characteristics, is what will maintain our strength. The power is in our differences and the sex hormones are what determine which we display.

From observing the journeys of some transsexuals, one has made these observations. All start as female in the womb. Those who convert to male while in the womb instantly lose the full XX chromosomes (the second X breaks down into a Y) and it is not possible to return to XX and therefore it is difficult to transition back at a later date. However, those born in a female body, but who then, at a later date, choose to move on to the male presentation, find it easier to make the transition – it is just a later transition than those who made it in the womb, although they do need help by adding the testosterone hormone. Going back is always harder than moving forward. Of course, they still have the XX chromosomes, but the body finds it relatively easy to change with the assistance of testosterone.

Those who continue female throughout, become stronger and stronger – (especially when not greatly emotionally injured and when healing has been possible, or no major emotional injury has occurred) – and this is why they are constantly attacked – read menstrual issues, menopause symptoms. Those who do not succumb to such attacks get stronger and stronger. They know they must also stay in balance with their masculine side. The males who maintain their masculinity in balance with their feminine side also become stronger and stronger. Even the FTM males can become very strong – especially due to the help of having experienced being female and having the feminine side balanced with their new maleness!

These are the ones who can live in harmony and balance with one another, in a beautiful way. However, those who blur the line do not have the strength needed to truly connect with their true selves beyond the human body.

Balancing the feminine and masculine within oneself is vital.

Blurring the line between them is perilous.

The moral to this? Choose male or female and stick to it in a balanced manner. It is not about social acceptance. It is about maintaining an important element of being human.
Allow a feminine side if you are male and allow a masculine side if you are female, but do not blur the line and become androgynous – that’s what the controllers want.

There is too much beauty in a masculine and a feminine human living in harmony to let it be blurred away. Stay aware and enjoy the beauty ~ all ways.

* Note: * Yes, I know that I can’t know any of this for sure, but this is the reply I got from my question.

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