The Vision of (my) Heart Song

The Vision of my Heart Song
The Vision for my Heart Song PDF

Heart Song is a state of being.

It is a way of being and living.

It is a creative endevour where like-hearted/spirited/minded humane human beings come together and find a beautiful inflowment. It is the expression of the creativity of these beings and it is a creation in progress which continues to morph and evolve around us.
My Heart Song IS inflowment.
My inflowment means that I am living in balanced, harmonious flow with respect for all around me as I flow in each and every moment creating as I go and enjoying observing the creativity of others all around me. Co-creation is also a very important part of this Heart Song, along with co-creating with the land, including as much natural material into our structures and artistry as we possibly can. It’s about Earth, so I intend to live in an Earth home, surrounded by soil of the Earth, using earthenware pots and wooden or bamboo utensils. I learn to carve and sculpt in contour and harmony with the land on which I live. The wild and domestic animals also live in harmony with respect for one another. We fully respect all who share the woodland in which we choose to live. A combination of nature and that which wo/man is capable of creating, creates this inflowment.

This is my Heart Song.

The Valley

To be continued . . . .

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