What Is It All About?

What is it all about

What Is It All About? PDF

What is it all about?

Up come the age old questions – What are we doing here? Where did we come from? AND Where are we going?

When one observes what is occurring around the world – on Earth, and within the corporate structure, there is so much contrast. I hear stories and comments about how beautiful it is where people are. – Earth has so much to offer. People still notice the wonders of what is around us. Then, at the same time, many are aware of the injustices of the corporate machine, foisting its draconian rules and statutes upon the people. So many of these rules are harming the people. We must put ourselves int a place where these impositions cannot affect us aversely. We must not allow them to affect our well being. We must start to take responsibility for ourselves and not just expect others to provide what we need. We must step back to nature and to our inherent ways of being kind and supportive to each other.

It can work this way. We have forgotten how it can be due to the stealthy gradualism used by the slystem so we did not notice big changes. We can co-operate and co-create with fellow man and woman.

We can and I’m doing it again NOW!

2 thoughts on “What Is It All About?

  1. Ah, yes – the cyst-em! [How was it that (alleged) “Prince” Charles once enunciated – “like a carbuncle on the face of an old friend.” Altho’ he was, as I recall, referring to some monstrosity erected alongside an architectural masterpiece 😉 ] Enjoy Heart Song Land, luvvie. Who knows – I set my intention to BE with you all in density, even if only for visit 😀 💝


    • Haha Mia – yep, and the new observation came to me that it is a sly-stem – sly tactics and gradualism working hand in hand to decieve those not awake and aware!
      Yes, yes YES, make it happen – you will all ways be welcome here, We injoy each and every moment here. ❤


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