Living In The Woods

Living in the Woods

Living In The Woods PDF

Living In The Woods

Living in the woods is a very exciting and enjoyable way to live on Earth. Earth is all around. Trees are everywhere, and plants, birds and insects are abundant. Living things all around. Water too is abundant. The springs flow day and night, rain falls frequently to create a gentle stream, happily running down the hills to places where we can easily catch some. As I stand to catch water in a gallon jug, I observe, acknowledge and thank the water for being here. I love it and I tell it so. I am so grateful for water. Without it, I would not be in this body. It and oxygen – which the trees give to me in abundandce, are my main energy sources.

Add to those, Earth energy that I receive through my bare feet, and sun rays that I receive through my skin and my eyes at sunrise and sunset. I then am continuously energized in this physical body. I can obtain all of these here in the woods. I need no thing else. It is only my mind that believes that I need to eat and put other substances into my physical body. I see myself in this body soon recognizing that water, oxygen, Earth and Sun are all I need. This moment of now is occurring for me in my vision. Love all ways.

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