What do I know and where do I go from here?

What do I know and where do I go from here

What do I know and where do I go from here? PDF

So, what DO I know after my journeying to this point in my present reality? What have I found to be wisdom, what works for my development, growth and free forward motion?

First, I know I must Love ME, Know ME, and Be ME! I also know I am all ways responsible for all that I experience – all ways. → What I experience, I created, or at least I co-created. I know that I must balance my masculine energy with my feminine self. Balance of feminine and masculine energy is key in human body.

Beyond these base and very important recognitions, I also know that I am self directive, self generating and self correcting. I respect all around me, and I observe, but I do not judge the choices and/or actions of others. I acknowledge that I have been deeply programmed since I arrived and I have become aware of when I am acting, speaking, feeling, thinking from programs. I choose to let go of all programming that does not serve me. I stay aware of all that is occurring around me, but I do not re-act, instead, I have the ability to respond = respond-ability = responsibility, and I know that for me, completing, closing and letting go, with gratitude, of my relationship with my chakra body has enabled me to do this much quicker and much more easily.

I know also that although I did not acknowledge the entity known as gee-o-dee to be my creator, my lord, my saviour, my ruler, or any other submission, I still close, complete and let go of any agreements, contracts or attachments with and to it. I have consciously interacted with this entity and I have completed all agreements and we are at peace. I acknowledge and respect everything that I have experienced and know that I co-created every single experience and I am now ready and able to Let It Go and Move On. (LIGMO).

 Moving on from the above mentioned extremely important thoughts and knowing, I accept that I must continue to heal any and all emotional and mental wounds which left unresolved would hold me back in old patterns. Instead, I let them go, knowing they have served me well, and I look to my full potential as living woman on the land of Earth. I co-create, I am the change I am an example of what it takes for us as humanity to make positive changes. I Live, I Love, I Give. I appreciate every thing, every body, every experience, every one – there is no thing, being or experience that I do not appreciate and acknowledge on my journey.

 I keep my vision and remain in free forward motion toward it, all ways allowing for adjustment, detour or any other change that happens along the way en route to my vision. I let go of control and I trust that I all ways move exactly and perfectly into my own inflowment. This way, I can guide and encourage others to follow their own paths and inner knowing, and together we heal humanity.

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