How Much DO I Need to Know?

What DO I Need to Know?

What DO I Need to Know? PDF

A friend wrote this in a post yesterday, and it led me to write what follows her statement.

” The program I keep bumping into of late is the one that tells me to *try harder*”


Yes, to me, this is one that has come with our first wave of awareness that life is not what is first appears to be (those of us who did not come into this life knowing), and when we woke up and started down all of the holes of deception, we got the feeling that we had to KNOW EVERYTHING about what has been going on, what IS going on and what is GOING to be going on!!  Hence, the command to “try harder” when one’s little human brain is completely boggled and goggled with information that it cannot process!!  We then recognize that the only real way to know what is going on is to find the connection with one’s true heart soul essence.  So, in comes the program again – “I need to try harder” to connect to that aspect of myself.  Filppin heck is this some sort of boot camp sergeant major yelling in our delicate little earholes to make us TRY FKN HARDER?!!

No, it is that program again, and it is time to tell it to shut the  fu*k up.   I’m beginning to recognize that although I believe I know what the story of the Universe is, I cannot KNOW it is so, until I experience at least some of it for myself.  In my heart, I “feel” that I recognize what has been going on, what IS going on and what MIGHT be going to go on, but at the end of it all – how much of it really REALLY matters?  Because, at the moment, we are finding it pretty hard to recognize what the flippin heck we really ARE doing here – what is the mission, other than to make a difference – be the change we wish to see in the world – bring humanity back to its true humaneness.   SO, try harder to do what?  KNOW what has been going on, what IS going on and what WILL be going on?

Instead, what if we feel and see the vision of how life on Earth really could be.  Start to create it – even if only in one’s heart and vision, and make small steps to creating it in this physical reality.  The only thing that really  matters is – what is REAL – not what is “true”, but what is REAL?  Well, I don’t know about you, but for me, what is real is what I experience and what I actually do to change my experiences, for example, from enjoyable to stressful and from stressful into enjoyable.   It is what I can do to support and encourage others to be the best they can be and be the change they wish to see in the world.  It is what I can do, feel, imagine, think, express that is good for the all – all sentient life on Earth.

What if – Earth is an expression of who and what we are.  What if, like our bodies do, she expresses the sum total of the emotional, mental and spiritual bodies – hers and OURS – due to our co-creation with her?!  What if, we change ourselves to the point that we heal our bodies, which would let go of all programming which no longer serves us – one of which would be the big one – the CONSUMING program.  What if, we could STOP consuming, and as a consequence, all life would stop consuming each other?   What if looking toward the end of consumption would be the first building block to making a difference here.  What if that is the game plan and that is what we are here for – and only we in human bodies have the ability to actually DO this?

What if it really isn’t the biggest deal for us ALL to know EXACTLY what has been going on, what IS going on and what WILL be going on – until it becomes obvious.  There are some whose mission it is to put the puzzle pieces together.  For the rest of us, we can do what it takes to make the changes we wish to see in the World.
What if we continue this sort of dialogue, with no one necessarily being “right” or “wrong”, but we simply discuss until the light comes on?!!

Oh, I dunno – what if I just shut up now?  😀


LOL!  😀

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