Flowing Through the Veil?


Flowing Through the Veil-pdf

Flowing Through the Veil?
Why not?

Tis a while since I last put pencil to paper. But that while is no thing more than a series of now moments that came and went. Much ponderence has occurred., along with knowingness AND the power of communing with other bright, like-hearted souls with whom to share perspective.

My last two JollyGoodSense sharings were preludes to this one. You see, in “September”, I was guided to acknowledge that the best thing that one can do to help humanity, is to find my tribe. This, I have done. All of us are tightly connected by an invisible thread – we just know it in our hearts – and that we will be singing our heart songs together in harmony. By November,  I had recognized that I have reached my own inflowment. I now also recognize that true and complete inflowment is ahead.

You see, united with our tribes, we, as humane human beings are able to reconnect and live with nature/Earth Mother in our own individual inflowment. Tribes are connected by these invisible threads – we do not see them, but we can feel them. Tribal inflowment then will occur. This may all take some time, but ultimately, it all becomes simple – so simple that we must change our perception of what actually is reality, because it is only our perception and observation that can change and create anything!

So as I meander through this “re-all-ity”, I observes and feel all possibilities which can turn into a vision. I observe myself living together with my Tribe, with and in nature, in perfect inflowment, with the Mother. With my tribe, we find ourselves finding it easier and easier to find that peaceful inflowment (balanced, harmonious flow, in grace, with respect for all around us). I consume less and less and I’m energized and nourished by Sun and Earth, and the abundant energies present all around, that I simply have to feel and observe – and hence allow into my physical body and use as nourishment. As the tribe wanders through this simple inflowment, the tribe members find themselves lighter and lighter as we spend our days either creating, playing, dancing, singing or merely BEing!

One fine day, we may venture along our entrance trail and away from our heart song community land and find there are no roads, only more trails that sometimes lead to other areas where communities of tribes are living in their own inflowment. We then recognize that in our own inflowment, we fell/flowed through the veil into the dimension of Earth where there is no consuming, where only inflowment exists. We fill our hearts with appreciation and let it flow forth. We sing our heart song and dance in celebration.


It is simply ~ done.


5 thoughts on “Flowing Through the Veil?

  1. So lovely Jolly! You are absolutely having fun with your higher self! A cracking good sense of humour! I can feel the love and laughter energy abundantly through your writing too!
    Love you lots! Kerry 🙂

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  2. Both your pome and essay are infused with rich feeling and deepest knowing, I am infused now, too! Thank you, Jolly, for sharing, extending your reach in fellowship & community. Resonance identifies us as tribemates, heart to heart so happy we’ve connected. Big big love xoxo ❤

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    • Heart to heart indeed. Those who are tribe members are making themselves known in many moments of now. The knowing is deep and resonates with the heart soul essence. I am so grateful to have this connection to heart, AND with so many tribe members. Big big love right back atcha sistar! ❤


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