Heartacious Inflowment and Creativity

Heartacious Creativity

Heartacious Inflowment and Creativity PDF

Heartacious Inflowment and Creativity

When we re-cognize what true, authentic, inherent, organic natural power is, then we re-integrate with our greater selves in balance and harmony.

Not only are we balanced within ourselves, balanced between heart and mind, masculine and feminine, with true Love for ourselves, we are also balanced with all around us and we reach heartacious inflowment.

This is when we make big, no, HUGE changes here on Earth. We are willing to open our hearts to this – we use our will – which IS our authentic power – and all there is, is heartacious inflowment and heartacious creativity.

The Law of Deepening

The Law of Deepening
The greater the will, the bigger the *opening.

The bigger the *opening, the higher the vibration.
The higher the vibration, the deeper the knowing.
The deeper the knowing, the stronger the *connection.
The stronger the *connection, the greater the balance.
The greater the balance, the closer to inflowment.

*The opening of the heart IS inflowment. It is everything.

*The connection is that between lower and higher minds/ between ego and greater being.

My Mission Statement

Power Used Correctly

I AM ME.   I Am a living woman.

I live by Natural Lore ~ “DO NO HARM.”
I Do No Harm.

I Am a living woman and my own unique mission is to become the best living woman I possibly can be, so that I make the most of my time on this wonderful earth, and be able to be a good influence on others, thereby teaching them by example. I will do this by continuing to improve and develop my self in mind, body and spirit and by becoming the woman I all ways was meant to be!

I value courage, independence, determination, generosity and the ability to forgive. I value these because courage is vital to be able to get new things started and done, independence makes me stronger, determination ensures I get things done without giving up, generosity is so important as I love to share, and forgiveness is vital for a free and happy life. Accordingly, I will continue to live and love by these values.

 My purpose is to live each day with joy, satisfaction and creativity, so that I can help make the world a better place. It is my intent to treasure above all else, my health, as without health I would be limited in what I can do. I can do this by keeping it as my number one priority and by continuing to eat healthily and by using my body physically, as nature intended.

Allowing Ourselves to KNOW!

Allowing Ourselves to KNOW

Allowing Ourselves to KNOW! PDF

Every single experience is a good one.  We learn so much by having various types of experiences as we go through life in this reality.  When we become aware that there is so much more beyond what is first visible, life becomes expansive and exciting.  I, for one, love to learn more and more about myself, and keep on looking to become the best I can be.  There is so much to work toward remembering when we are here in these bodies and minds with a major type of amnesia!!!

Having others act as our memory coaches is valuable.  They can remind us of things that we had forgotten, and when they do, we can remember a bunch of stuff ourselves that can be highly helpful as we go through our life.  Others who act in the role of memory coaches can point things out that we are not seeing within ourselves and they can be tremendous support.

Having said all of that, we must also consider that anything others tell us must be used only if and when we can fully resonate with it and/or accept and acknowledge that it is something that will serve us on our journey of growth and enlightenment.  It is a case of using one’s discernment and ultimately one’s inner knowing – from one’s greater being/heart soul essence/spirit/wise self.  Also, we must not use “readings” or other’s views as absolute or necessarily true for us.  Using them as tools is so good, but treating them as absolute can be limiting.  Ultimately, we can get to a point where we can connect to our own greater being/heart soul essence/spirit (or whatever label we choose to use for who we really are beyond this life incarnation experience) and ask questions there, because no one knows more about our life experiences than our greater being.

It can be extremely beneficial to use others to help us remember who we really are and what past life experiences we have had that have caused us trauma which we are still carrying.  However, there are some times when what comes in via another, may not be accurate.  There are entities out there which can infiltrate and feed through false information.  If the one who is channeling  or reading these messages is not truly connected to the one they believe they are connected to, then inaccurate information can be relayed.  This is when we must use our discernment, and then connect ourselves to our greater being and feel into the information to know if it is useful, irrelevant, wrong or even harmful.    When we get a message back from our own greater being that this information just doesn’t fit, it’s probably because it doesn’t.  We must not be afraid to decline the information – to decline to act upon it, because if it is truly inaccurate or incorrect, then acting upon it could be harmful to one’s body, mind or spirit.  This is a recognition I have had in these moments of now that I feel important to document and share as I continue on my journey. 

Peace, Love and Respect to all, all ways. ❤


Hold Your Head up ~ And Lead With Your Heart.

Hold Your Head Up1

Hold Your Head Up PDF
Posture used to be taught.  It is something that, for the most part, has gone by the wayside in this technical era.  Most people spend hours and hours crouched over some sort of device, whether it is a mobile phone, tablet, laptop or desk computer.   We have become “down looking” people, and detached from the physical world.  It is not good for our physical or emotional bodies to be like this so much.

When one lifts the head up, the shoulders go back, the spine lengthens and the chest comes forward.  In this posture, it is possible to lead oneself with the heart.  Remember that the heart truly is more connected to your “being-ness” than your brain is.  Your heart – is YOU.

When you hold your head up, your inner pride automatically comes forth, and your inner Love for yourself is expressed and once you start doing this and you go out walking, you will find that everyone you meet will acknowledge you.  Add, a big, genuine smile, and you probably will make someone’s day better.

From here, you will find that YOUR day will be fun, enjoyable and productive.  You will feel well and happy and you will find your inner creativity becoming more often spurred into action.

Give it a try – it cost you nothing, not even time – just walk this way every time you walk.  Sit this way too – it’ll change your life!  🙂
Hold your head up

It’s All About Energy!

Its All About Energy

It’s All About Energy PDF

This one is going to be somewhat challenging to some, but I feel I must put it out anyway!

In these moments of now, there is much to share regarding the truth about the place we call Earth.  Imagine some beings who are struggling to survive with no real way of creating energy for themselves.  What could they do?  Why can’t they generate their own energy? Where did they come from?  And why should you imagine them or this scenario?  Well, you certainly don’t have to, but I have some idea as to what has been going on, what IS going on, and what WILL be able to happen to clear up what looks like the most impossible mess! 

OK, here is the story I have for you. 

The bodies these beings are in, were “accidentally” created so they are far from perfect.  It seems that they were some sort of prototype that was supposed to be destroyed, but by some error, were not.  They are semi created bodies – not complete – they are mostly technological and only partially biological.  A group of opportunist beings found these bodies and entered them.  They have no souls, but they have some extraordinary creative abilities, using certain types of technology.  They find that they do not easily exist in this Universe, yet they have to stay here, or cease to exist, because ultimately, they are finite simply because they cannot create their own energy.  They want to live on Earth, but they struggle to live in its atmosphere.  So, what could they do? 

Meanwhile, those of us infinite beings who answered a call from the Universe Creator to come and co-create, and who were able to enter human bodies which it created as fractals of the Universe, came to play in this amazing new creation, entered this Universe and arrived on Earth.  We entered as humane human beings and started to co-create with what we found on this incredibly beautiful planet sharing with the flora, fauna and mineral kingdoms, all living together in perfect inflowment.  It was all going beautifully as we in human bodies enjoyed learning about what we found on this incredible planetary body and how we could use what was there, to create more beautiful creations.  Living this way kept us vital, strong and extremely healthy in our perfectly constructed biological bodies.  Our source of energy was energy from the earth’s surface through our bare feet, sunlight from the sun into our eyes and onto our skin, pure oxygen from the air, and pure water from the land.  Interacting graciously with the flora and fauna was really enjoyable, and we lived in harmony and balance with all around us.  We had the ability to communicate with one another using our heart connections – whether we were physically far apart, or close by.  We could also transport our physical bodies to anywhere on the earth’s planetary body by intention and then allowing it to happen by our own choice. 

While this was all going on, the other beings, which for now, I will call the suchons, were struggling to survive because they had no way of creating their own energy after what they had to start with in those bodies, and it was running out!  They were located on Saturn and the Moon and were hanging out there, but, as mentioned above, they found that they struggled to exist in this Universe and certainly could not exist on Earth in their current state.  Their idea was to feed off humans’ energy.  The human has an endless supply of energy, and in contrast to the suchons, the spirits who can enter human bodies are infinite, i.e. they always have been and always will be existing.

However, on a perfect Planet Earth, where humans know exactly who and what they are, it would be impossible to attach any “extraction tubes”!   Humans that are grounded, know who they are, what they are doing on Earth, where they came from and why. They are aware of everything going on around them, and they remember EVERYTHING. With Humans in this full awareness, it would not be possible to to feed off of them.  

So, how could the suchons obtain the energy from the humans?  These desperate beings put into action a very clever plan.  First they created an Overlay over the beautiful Earth.  This Overlay actually is brilliant technology.  It mimics Earth, but it is NOT Earth.  It is, as the name implies – an overlay – it is sort of like a mask.  It is synthetic, and it projects a very close copy of what is on earth through this Overlay onto its surface.  Beneath this Overlay, is the Organic Planetary body of Earth, the feminine aspect and expression of Universe Creator.  These suchons created portals from Organic Earth onto the Overlay.  They also created amnesiac programs which they used as they sucked humans from Earth through the portals onto the Overlay.   As humans arrived on the Overlay, they forgot where they had come from, who they were, and what they were doing where they were, which by now, is on the synthetic earth Overlay.   For a while, it sort of felt like earth but they had a certain amount of knowing that something was wrong, and an awareness of their inherent technology, and spent some time trying to work out why it didn’t feel right where they were.  They built pyramids as energy centers in an attempt to propel themselves back to where they were supposed to be, even though they couldn’t fully remember where that was.  But as they did this, the suchons attached their technologies that extracted energy from the humans, and even managing to use some of the energy generated by the pyramids.  Once the extraction tubes were attached (not discernible to the humans), any amount of inner power and inherent technology was lost for the humans.  In time, they no longer could sustain themselves by earth, sun, oxygen and water, and they started having to consume from the flora and fauna kingdoms in order to sustain their physical bodies which was not how the human vessel was first designed.  However, it was designed with resilience as an important component, so it was able to adapt and to convert the consumed materials into energy – which unknown to the humans, was in large part being sucked right out of them.

Next, the suchons created “The Loop”.

The Loop.
The Loop is, as the name implies, a loop.  This loop keeps the abducted beings in a loop of birth, life, death, karma, birth, life, death, karma, all the while, having energy sucked off of them.  It has several dimensions.  The energy that was the strongest for the suchons to suck off was stress, fear, and lack and limitation.  Therefore, over the centuries. the suchons found many ways to get the humans under control, into fear and stress and to have them believe in lack and limitation.  And in the reincarnation loop the humans stayed.  And around and around they went. 

 Fakod of the Suchons

The leader of the suchons called itself GOD, (I’m going to call it “fakod”! – Fakod of the Suchinions!  😉  and it claimed to have created the Universe.  SOON, it managed to convince the humans that it was their ruler and that they had to acquiesce to its demands and rules.  It did this by creating religion and by programming the humans.  To be able to do all of this, it needed some of its own minions closer, i.e. on the Overlay.  As mentioned before, the suchons could not exist in the atmosphere of the earth, or on its Overlay.  They had to think of a way to be able to get some of them onto the Overlay.   Next came another very clever plan – to adjust the bodies that they had started squatting in, to look like a human body – it was quite the creation, and once these bodies were suitably adapted, they could act like humans – with one very important difference – they needed something to sustain them and energize these bodies, which meant to feed them some powerful fuel.  They found that eating real human fetuses and young children and drinking their blood would sustain these fake human bodies so that they could live on the Overlay without looking out of place.  This was great progress for them because now, they could manipulate life on earth so much more.

Soon, with its massive ego, confident it could really start to get everything it wanted, Fakod put its minions onto the Overlay in these fake bodies and called them priests.  These so-called priests were given the job to create the above mentioned religion.  Religion was a “god-send”!!!    With first hundreds, then thousands and then millions and millions worshiping and praising this Fakod, feeding the suchons became easier.  Once they got the humans sucked into believing in this false ruler (Fakod), they managed to program them so that even the humans wanted to become priests and to preach “the word of “God” to the others.  The suchon priests even had these humans help create a book that was supposedly the book of god and the law of god, and many by now, were in the market to buy bull and believed this entire story.  This was a great help to the suchons energy sucking programs – praise and worship was the perfect energy for Fakod and his minions. 

Soon, more and more of these beings wanted to go to earth to enjoy what those in bodies there could experience, including becoming the important and elite, taking over the land, making laws and rules and creating those important roles for themselves so they could control the humans more and more.  They needed extra feeding to prepare for their time on earth, and to get used to their new body adaptions.  They found that they could exist on Saturn and on the Moon, and get fed from the human energy that was sucked constantly from them, but when they prepared to go onto earth, they needed more and more energy.  Meanwhile, the humans had to adapt.  As mentioned above, when they were on the genuine organic earth, they did not need to eat – they didn’t consume anything. Soon, the humans learned to make all sorts of fake foods so they could get it faster because at this point, they were experiencing hunger – these fake foods were processed and really not very good for them, but they needed something more to help create more and more energy, not knowing how much was being sucked off them.  Some of them got sick and even died.  But no problem to the suchons, the beings just got recycled and came back in a brand new human body to go around the cycle again.  But I digress . . .

To keep up enough supply of energy for all the suchons in the Universe, they programmed the humans to procreate more and more so that they could birth them onto the Overlay, so that they could milk and harvest their energy.  The more human energy they were able to harvest and use, the more dastardly plans and deeds they were able to put into action.  They even were acquiring certain percentages of the human’s inner technologies which they used against the humans.  Bigger and bigger plans came – keep programming the humans to praise Fakod, threaten them with all sorts of terrible punishment if they don’t and this way, keep them in fear which fed the suchons even more.  Create separation – divide the humans with all sorts of differences to keep them confused, and at war with one another – then convince them that war must take place etc, etc, etc . . .
One of the main things they worked on was to keep the humans only semi-healthy.  They knew that if they allowed them to be fully healthy, that they could regain some of their inner technology, and even remember who they were, so it was vital to keep them in a state where they were well enough to create energy, but not well enough to remember who they were, hence the huge operation which created the sick-care system that they called the health-care system.

Some of the things that occurred as time went on include, (but there are many, many more):
1. Created the Overlay.

2. Used up all the energy they had doing that and finding that they could live for a while on Saturn and the Moon.

3. Used the portals they had created in the Overlay to suck humans off Organic true earth onto the Overlay. 

4. Dropped most of them on Africa which was at that time reflecting the true earth’s fauna and flora and where these humans could survive fairly easily, and reproduce.

5. Started sucking energy from these humans via their clever tubes that could extract the energy.

6. Found that fear, stress and the feeling of lack and limitation energy coming from humans was what fed them the best and that they could assimilate.  The creative and joyous energy coming from humans was almost poison to them.

7. Saw that even better energy for Fakod was praise and worship.

8. Found the need to program the humans, so that they would create within themselves what was needed to create the energy the suchons needed.

9. Turned Saturn and the Moon into transmitting centers. 

10. Added to “The Loop”:   On the way in, an overlay of the chakra body was attached to the human body to receive the programming from Saturn and the Moon.

11. Achieved the ability to transmit programs to humans, including the program to believe there is a greater power that they cannot see, but is their GOD (Fakod) who they have to praise.

12. Made the technology to adjust their current bodies into fake human bodies and sent them in onto the Overlay to animate the programs – put them in as priests and created religion.  All the different religions came as time went by.

13. Through the priests, they made Law, which was totally different to Natural Lore and which were really codes and statutes to control the humans. This made the humans into slaves, with more and more energy milked from them.

14. Created divide and conquer with different religions and other separation tactics.

15. Sent in more suchons to be the Kings/Queens and leaders. (Sometimes known as “Elites”).

16 Made Kingdoms and Countries.

17. Made borders and eventually more control of travel.

18. Made war – made the humans believe that war is inevitable.

19. Made money.

20. Made banking and Banksters.

21. Lifted the humans off the land, separated them from anything resembling natural ways of life.

22. Suppressed natural healing methods.

23. Suppressed clean energy production.

24. Programmed population with more lack and limitation propaganda.

25 Imprisoned anyone who questioned the lies and distortion.

26 Murdered anyone who learned any truth of suppression etc.

Many, many distractions were created too – as the centuries went on, there were more and more clever manipulations such as sports which kept millions of humans distracted.  In addition, there was much esoteric intrigue put out to keep the masses distracted and confused – sometimes the humans heard about possible life “out there” and mostly, the controlling system would deny it as stories and such.  There also started a fringe community whereby many started to see things that did not correlate with what they had been told, so they started to research.  Sometimes this was good, but then the suchons would throw in something to get them really distracted and then to cause yet another rift so that humans would be arguing amongst themselves when the best thing to do would have been to unite.  Some of the things that the humans researched had value and some became awoken because of this – and they had the wisdom to stay out of argument and listened to their hearts to be discerning as to what was true, and what was just distortion of truth.  Much of this was created to keep the energy for the suchons and so that the humans wouldn’t be able to use their own energy in good ways – for being creative and for having fun – which, little did they know, would have been so much better for them and so much worse for the suchons.

The other thing that happened to these abducted humans was that they started to age.  The toxins entering their bodies via first, the “food”, then by intentional poisoning by their captors, to keep them dumbed down – enough that they wouldn’t start thinking for themselves, but not so much that they wouldn’t keep supplying the suchons with all the energy they needed to survive.  Although they could not create their own energy, they sure were good at manipulating others to create it for them, and over centuries, they had this system made that provided them with as much energy as they wanted.  It was perfect – for them!  But the humans were suffering.  Children went missing every day, and somewhere more and more were being sacrificed, abused and consumed.  The Overlay on Earth became a battered mess, with waste everywhere, reflecting this vile consuming way, and all life began consuming other life to sustain their bodies to stay alive. Those having their energy sucked out of them daily, had to consume other energy just to sustain their own life.  It became a vicious cycle.  No one suspected there was anything REALLY wrong, they just started to believe that their souls just needed “testing” and “lessons for growth” etc. 

Still Looping

The system known as Karma came into being as they kept going around “The Loop” from all of the experiences the humans had during incarnations and they carried this Karma around with them in the cycles until they could balance it all out.  The humans were stuck in this ongoing, never-ending cycle of reincarnation, so that the suchons could keep feeding off them.  They started to simply accept that a life of hardship was normal, with sayings such as “life’s a bitch, and then you die”!   Meanwhile, the suchons continued to create ways they could manipulate more and more energy out of the humans.  It was getting worse and worse.  The Overlay was getting to be more and more of a mess.  Pollution, destruction and death – death that kept on cycling around and often after painful dis-ease experienced by the now not authentic human body.  Instead of being able to live in the human vessel as long as the being would choose, age and disease took them through the death, karma, reincarnation/birth and life cycle.   Not only were the humans taken off the TRUE ORGANIC PLANETARY BODY OF EARTH, they were also taken off the land of the Overlay by the clever manipulations of the suchons whereby the humans were largely living in cities.   They lost all memory of who they were, they forgot how powerful they are, how they have advanced inner organic technology that is in complete synchronization with the organic earth, and that they did not have to get sick and heal, that they could normally, when on the organic earth’s surface, live as long as they chose.   There were, however, some humans who had done some of the research into things that didn’t make sense and were pretty much opposite to what they were told by the system.  These awake ones could tell that they were jointly responsible for what was occurring – self responsible for their own experiences and once they started to see more and more of what was happening, they recognized that they had co-created what was going on by being ignorant and by allowing and accepting all of this.  They also started to see “The Loop” for what it really was and realized that they really needed to clean up their Karma – because they knew that the time was coming when they would have to really do something to make changes.  They knew that things could not continue as they were . . .

These awakening beings actually were volunteer evolved souls who had been asked by Universe Creator to go in and expose to the rest of the Universe what was occurring within the Overlay on earth.  Their mission was to go there and together stop the suchon’s game.  Even these volunteer evolved souls (to various levels) had been hit by the infection/virus causing them not to have full memory of who and what they were and of their mission.  They each found their awareness (some with the help of the flora kingdom), at various stages, of their time within the Overlay.  Having come from all over the Universe, they were very wise souls and even though it took some time, eventually, they started to remember what they were doing on the Overlay, what it really was, and what they had to do about it.

Massive Deceit
There was so much deceit at this point that the vast majority of the fed-upon humans were oblivious to what was happening.  Even seeing high numbers of their fellow humans in poverty, more and more restrictions on what they were ‘allowed’ to do, false terrorism attacks blatantly executed, didn’t make them aware of what was really going on.  Instead, it created more fear and stress to feed the suckers – which was exactly what the suchons wanted.  The population was still rising despite all of this, because that is what the suckers desired – more and more energy created for them!!!   They started getting more and more greedy and loved using this delicious human energy to develop more methods to keep the humans enslaved and giving of their energy – between the ones on the Overlay in their fake bodies, and the ones on the Moon and Saturn – they simply couldn’t get enough.   All the while, children were being stolen and consumed – it was horrible. 

It was all going so perfectly for them – until some of the “evolved souls” shook off more of the memory infection, and started working out and seeing all of the clever deceitful ways that had been created to feed off the humans.    Once exposed, these deceitful ways had less power, because these who were seeing were able to let go of fear and stress, use their (remaining) creative abilities and express some higher vibrations, hence not feeding the suchons.  But it wasn’t enough to stop them until a much higher number of the evolved souls recognized the tricks.  The evolved souls used their awareness to guide some of the humans within the Overlay to recognize what was really going on.  The “rescue team” started to recognize what they had to do to clean up this mess and to put an end to this domination, control and outright theft, that had been imposed upon the organic earth, by the reckless creation of this Overlay, which at this point was massive AND a massive mess!

What they had to do was to awaken consciousness in the programmed, dumbed down humans.  The only way to do this was to get them as close to living on the land as is possible on an Overlay.  This meant acquiring use of what was left of areas on the Overlay that resembled natural earth – areas that were remote and still had reflected through the Overlay what was on natural earth such as forests full of trees, mountains, streams, areas where cultivating flora and fauna was possible.  They needed to create shelters for the humans as well as places to grow food and keep animals – to get back in touch with the flora, fauna and mineral kingdoms – and to recognize that ultimately, they did not need to consume anything – but this was going to take some time.  Another major thing they had to recognize was that the biggest sucking took place when they were connected by religion and by legal structures.  They had to find a way to separate themselves from these structures.  Once they had this figured out, this disallowed the suchons to impose their rules and codes upon these humans.  This way, they could create their new land-based communities in any way they chose – once they found a way to obtain the resources to do this. 

Getting the first group of humans out of the cities was the first step.  Teaching them to live in nature – at least what was left of anything resembling the pure nature that is on organic earth – was a great beginning.  What they had to do was to start living in a way that was as close to living on natural earth as is possible on an Overlay.  This way, they could create portals which would take them in.  This is what is really meant by inner work and going within.  They had to go within themselves to remember who they really were, AND to go in – beneath the Overlay, back onto organic earth.  Some humans have seen and felt this as a hollow earth – something under what they were currently living on.  Their perception was close.  As the humans who came to create these communities that were as close to nature as possible spent longer living there, and were able to separate themselves from the religion and the legal attachments, they were able to sustain themselves without anything to do with the system that the suchons had created.   Soon, these humans were able to become very creative and really start to enjoy themselves – living in these environments such as in a forest, or on open plains or mountains.  This was getting them closer and closer to their natural ways of being – some started to remember their inner technology and even began to use it.  This caused the Overlay construction under them to get thinner and thinner – so that as mentioned before, portals started to open up.  Living this natural way would cause them to slide through the portals right back onto natural earth.  They would awaken and realize that they had slipped through and were now on the true, natural earth. 

Once the “rescue team’ started to recognize that this was occurring, some of them were able to either return through the portals, or stay on the Overlay so as to guide all of the other awakening humans to come and live in the communities and to go through their re-naturalizing process so that they too could slide back through onto natural organic earth.  More and more communities were created all over the Overlay – including by and in the oceans so that our brothers and sisters of the oceans could also slip through.   The more humans and animals that went through this process, the more others found themselves awakening to what was going on, and the more of them who went through the process.  It was possible to keep using the communities and allow the humans to go through their own processes.

Eventually, as many as chose to take this path did – until such time that Universe Creator knew that all it had to do was to dissolve the Overlay.  Now that her humanity was not stuck there, no longer held hostage, she could uncreate this monstrosity and dissolve it into her Universal body and transmute it – until it was no more.  Finally, her humanity was back where it was meant to be.

And the suchons?  The energy ran out, so they took themselves back out of those bodies and out of the Universe, and with that, dissolved because remember, they would cease to exist out of the Universe, and the “accident” and mistake, was over and all back to how it was meant to be.

This is quite some story isn’t it?  Imaginary? Well, in these moments of now, the end is, but it is an awareness of mine that the rest is very close to a true story. It explains so many otherwise unanswered questions. What is a more likely story? Share yours in the comments if you would like!



Community by Consideration, Contribution and Chaordic Co-operation

Community chaordic Cooperation

Community by Consideration Contribution and Chaordic Cooperation PDF

So many awake people in these moments of now are seeing how much is wrong in this 3D Earth reality.  Those of us who are indeed aware of this, would truly love to do whatever it takes to make a difference.   Many of us have a vision of creating and living on land-based sustainable communities.  Once we can acquire the materials, technology, machinery and capable work force/creative team of humans, all that is then needed is a good level of willingness from those involved to be co-creative with *consideration for each other, to *contribute our skills and abilities in a *co-operative fashion that becomes natural – with no big boss, just a pure and natural *inflowment whereby the pieces come together effortlessly.

Humans have natural abilities that have been drawn/sucked out of us.  We have forgotten how we can simply *co-operate with one another and get amazing things done.  Instead of having a boss/foreman/director to give orders as to how to complete the tasks, we get it done in a *chaordic fashion.  Once everyone gets started with this in mind, everything and everyone gets into a *chaordic flow whereby everyone just knows what to do.   When we naturally co-operate with one another with a deep respect for what the others are doing, it simply gets done.  This is a new, yet old idea.  When we act as humane human beings, and not like mechanized robots, our creativity is unstoppable.  We are *heartacious by nature – did anyone notice that there are few (if any) English words to describe being “unlimited”, “boundless” or “unstoppable” that do not have a prefix or suffix (un, less) to make the word into a positive version?  I couldn’t think of one, so I made one up –  the one I just used above – *heartacious, because we create from our hearts – *heartacious = of the heart, and the heart is unlimited in its ablilities.  Haha, so the heart is *heartacious in its abilities!

Heartacious chaordic co-operation
will get things done in the most beautiful way.

Here are some guidelines:

  1. Act with integrity
  2. Respect everyone
  3. Use grace in all interactions
  4. Contribute your skills and abilities unconditionally
  5. Be aware of everything going on around you
  6.  Acknowledge and appreciate your co-creators
  7. Co-operate at all times
  8. Stay balanced – extremes in excess are harmful
  9. Appreciate every experience and everyone
  10. Be considerate to others whilst being respectful to yourself
  11. Retain equality with all
  12. All ways do your best

There will be more to add to this list as we create together, but this is a good beginning.

* consideration = Thoughtfulness and sensitivity towards others.
* contribute = Help to cause or bring about; to be one of the reasons why something happens
* co-operation = the process of groups of organisms working or acting together for common or mutual benefit, as opposed to working in competition for selfish benefit. Many animal and plant species cooperate both with other members of their own species and with members of other species; The action or process of working together to the same end.
* chaordic = A chaordic organization refers to a system of organization that blends characteristics of chaos and order; (of a system, organization, or natural process) governed by or combining elements of both chaos and order
* heartacious = naturally unlimited; unbridled; boundless
* inflowment = living in balanced, harmonious flow, with respect for all around you; flowing in the moment; harmonious flow

Life is a Gift

Life is a Gift
Life is a Gift PDF

Life is a gift. How could anyone see it any other way.  Sure, there are those who are going through really tough times all over the world.  But look around and see even some who are living on what we call the poverty line, who still walk around smiling and joking.  So many people recognize that it is a gift to be here on this amazing planet, and are so very grateful for it.  There are a lot of things that are not working, a lot of people who are struggling, yet there are also a lot of people who are enjoying their lives, recognizing the beauty of Earth and all of the things we can do here.  The question is, what can we do to make the world a better place, to change things so that no one has to struggle?

When one looks around and sees how amazingly creative we are as a species, then we have to see that life is a gift.  People are craftsmen, artists, engineers, writers, homemakers, gardeners, builders, landscapers, the list goes on and on.  When we see these skills and gifts for what they really are, then we can start to truly appreciate who and what we are as a race.  Whatever colour, size or gender we are, we are all here to be our unique selves, and in our diversity, we are equal.  Everybody has something to give.  Everybody is also worthy to receive – this is what happens when we share our own skills and abilities, and when we are willing to receive help and support from others.  This is called cooperation, and cooperation is one of the most wonderful things that can occur between humane human beings.  It is about balance and harmony.   It is about respect and love.  It is about being human. 

There are so many gurus and philosophers out there telling us how to be and what to do.  Telling us what they believe, how they see the world etc.  Sure, a few reminders are great, but ultimately, we only need our own connection to our inner selves, our greater beings, our hearts, and of course, to our mother earth, without whom, we would not be here!  When we listen to our heart, truly listen, we remember who we are, and we no longer feel the need to read scriptures or listen to preachers, because we inherently KNOW how to treat ourselves, and how to treat others around us. 
Worldly Preachers

This is something that we have had extracted from us through the system’s programs and conditioning, and also by systems of control and domination.  We can make a choice – when we connect with the greater aspect of ourselves, then we can make very powerful choices, and say to any offers that we do not align with, “Thanks, but no thanks”, and let it go, walk away and keep on our path, with grace and appreciation for every single offer and every single experience.

Life is a gift because it isn’t easy the whole way through, but once we wake up to recognizing that we are responsible for our own life, our own self, and that whatever way anyone wants to look at it, at the end of it all, we create our reality.  We can change our experiences whenever we choose to.  It may not happen immediately, in fact, usually it takes a bit of our time, but once we make a choice and we put out our intention to manifest whatever it is, then it is unstoppable – we just have to allow it.  This way, we create the lives we dream about, and we live them.  When we share our experiences with others, and then simply teach by example, we will see big differences in the world. 

Life is a gift because when not living in physical body, our existence is an entirely different experience to travel the Universe out of body.  Life in the physical is something that many beings across the Universe would love to experience.  So, next time you are feeling down, just remember, you are living in the present, and the present is you in your body.
Yes, a GIFT.  😀